How To Choose The Right Dosage Of CBD Edible

The healing properties of CBD are widely known. There are several types of CBD products ranging from lotions, balms to baked goods and gummies in the market. All those types of CBD products that can be eaten to gain its benefits are termed as a CBD edible.

Due to its benefits, you can easily find these CBD edible products everywhere in the form of food products, capsules, and lozenges. However, if you want to get maximum benefits from it, then you need to understand its right edible dosage.

What type of benefits you can get by a CBD edible?

Due to the amazing healing impact of CBD products, the U.S. FDA “Food and Drug Administration” classifies it in the form of a natural remedy. CBD edibles are one of the variations of CBD product that not just satisfies a sweet tooth but is also packed with the anxiety-reducing, pain-relieving, and cancer-fighting extracts. Just CBD Store is one of the best places in the market to find genuine and authentic CBD edibles in varying strengths.

THC in CBD edible

THC is a compound that is known to provide psychotic effects in people. In most of the edibles, this content should be kept to a “low standard” of 15mg or less

THC Levels ranging between 1mg to 2.5mg

  • This dose is ideal for a beginner
  • This is the lowest dose of CBD edible that may not provide you drastic results, but decent benefits for sure.
  • You will get mild relief from pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Your focus will improve and you will have mental sharpness.
  • Tinctures, cookies, chocolates, and mints are the best options to consider in this category. Hold in the mouth under the tongue for a minute before you swallow it.

THC Levels ranging between 2.5mg to 15mg

Seasoned CBD edible consumers would like to increase the THC content present in the CBD product edibles. 2.5mg to 15mg is a powerful dose recommended for all those who face incessant pain symptoms.

It can transform restlessness and insomnia into a sound sleep. By the time you reach the 15mg mark, you can find a reduction in your perception, clarity, and focus.  

THC Levels ranging between 15mg to 30mg

If you are experienced in consuming CBD products and want to try a stronger product, then this could be the right dosage for you. This dosage is only for those who have developed a high level of tolerance for THC levels. If you are an unseasoned user, this high dosage can cause your illness too.

THC Levels ranging between 30mg to 50mg

If you experience taking marijuana and a tolerance for the CBD, then you can get closer to this dosage. You should know that this dose will impact your perception, and coordination to some extent.


So, we have seen that the dosage of CBD products that you consume, impacts the overall experience you get from it. Depending on your tolerance, type of use, ailment, and the type of edible you choose, you can determine the right dosage of the product.